Asia Pacific Cloud Apps Alliance

Main service items of APCA

International exhibition + International forum, project exchange + Project inspection

Project investment + Innovation service, Project release + International award

A non-profit international alliance organization jointly promoted by many well-known cloud application

experts and associations in the Asia-Pacific region in 2010 to promote cloud applications.

APCA takes Silicon Valley and Shenzhen as its two major service bases. At present, it has established project service sites

in more than 40 cities around the world to provide international promotion and investment recommendation services

for alliance enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region.

At present, the APCA Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance has cooperated with relevant governments

and institutions to jointly organize international professional forum activities in the Asia-Pacific region

(Silicon Valley, New York, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Seoul, Singapore, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Baotou,

Chengdu , Foshan and other cities) held more than 80 international forums:

Asia-Pacific Smart City Innovation Forum, Asia-Pacific Cloud Innovation Forum,

Asia-Pacific Cloud + Innovation Industry Summit, Asia-Pacific Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Forum,

Belt and Road Initiative and the Greater Bay Area Project Cooperation Summit Forum,

Asia-Pacific Blockchain and Internet of Things Application Forum,

Asia-Pacific Blockchain Enabling Application Forum,New Infrastructure and Blockchain Application Forum,

APCA Annual Innovation Awards.

Asia Pacific Cloud Application Alliance (APCA) launched the International Greater Bay Area Project Promotion Alliance

in February 2018. It will take advantage of the economic development of the five largest Bay Areas in the world

to develop Bay Area project cooperation and docking services, Belt and Road project exchange services,

and the Bay Area. Project investment services.

Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance (APCA) initiated the establishment of the "APCA Blockchain

and Artificial Intelligence Innovative Application Research Institute (BCAI)" in 2017 to provide

three major services to global users: Blockchain

and Artificial Intelligence Project Experimental Center, Asia-Pacific BC -AI Innovation Investment Fund Alliance

and Asia Pacific Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Forum.

At present, Asia Pacific Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Research Institute (BCAI)

has established cooperative branches in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Jiangmen, Hong Kong and Chengdu.

Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance (APCA) initiated the establishment of "China Chain Valley" in 2018,

using a modern partner cooperation model to build a bridge for innovative projects

to cooperate with the government, with investment funds,

and with intellectual property experts to help companies project implemented on site,

received financial support, and went global.

Asia Pacific Cloud Application Alliance (APCA) launched the Smart Office Promotion Alliance in February 2019.

It will provide smart office innovation companies with display, communication and product promotion services

and provide smart office services for APCA alliance companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Asia Pacific Cloud welcomes innovative companies and investment institutions to participate in cooperation,

Here, In APCA,

enterprises' innovative products / services can obtain investment opportunities and cooperation opportunities!

Here, in APCA

investment institutions can discover good innovative products and innovative projects and obtain investment opportunities!

Here, in APCA

companies can get help in developing innovative projects in the Bay Area and get the best development opportunities!

Services: Alliance enterprises and innovation projects

Cooperation: Project display and project cooperation

Investment: Innovative products and services of alliance enterprises

Value-added: value-added products and services by using innovative technologies

Partner: Invite global Bay Area innovative companies and investment institutions to cooperate

Objective: To be a good friend and good partner for the development of innovative companies in the global Bay Area

Value: Create maximum economic benefit and brand effect for all cooperative enterprises

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Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tokyo

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Asia Pacific Cloud Application Alliance

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