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APCA Corporate Financing and Listing Services

International fund investment + Hong Kong listing recommendation

APCA and WFA cooperate to provide companies with international funds and Hong Kong listing services. Choose professional international innovation funds and listing service agencies in Hong Kong to create tailor-made services for enterprises and help them achieve greater development.

Service Items

1. Project initiation: assist in the planning of Hong Kong investment or Hong Kong listing projects for companies, carry out preliminary project investigations, and confirm the advantages of project financing or listing.

2. Roadshow activities: help companies plan independent project roadshow activities, and invite investment institutions to participate in the conference and exchanges. Guide the production of roadshow PPT. Enterprises are invited to participate in investment roadshows, exhibitions or forums hosted by APCA for free.

3. Innovative empowerment: Recommend innovative projects based on the application of blockchain technology for enterprises, or recommend blockchain technology to empower enterprise products, and increase the value of enterprises' application projects.

4. International Awards: Recommend companies to apply for APCA (Asia Pacific Cloud Application Alliance) International Awards: Asia Pacific Product Innovation Award, Asia Pacific Technology Innovation Award, Asia Pacific Investment Value Award (free application for one project).

5. Recommended projects: Recommend qualified corporate projects to Hong Kong financing and Hong Kong listed executive agencies, and invite a group of experts to the company for on-site inspection and research.

6. Project execution: assist the company to complete the application process for financing or listing, sign contracts with Hong Kong Capital and Hong Kong Listing Execution Agency, and obtain successful financing or listing.


APCA Corporate Financing and Listing Services
APCA Corporate Financing and Listing Services
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