2019 Asia-Pacific Innovation Project Investment Roadshow (Hongkong)

Asia-Pacific Innovation Project Investment Roadshow

Cum IOT China Hong Kong Roadshow Competition

Looking for the most influential and investment value projects


Hong Kong Internet of Things Association Hong Kong Cyberport


Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance, China Chain Valley


May 27, 2019, 2: 00-5: 00 pm


Cyberport Hong Kong Cyberport TR3 Lecture Room 1-3 3rd Floor, Block F, Cyberport 3


Meet in front of the Park Lane Hotel in Hong Kong at 13:00

The Asia-Pacific Innovation Project Investment Roadshow will be held at the Hong Kong Cyberport International Conference Hall on May 28. This investment roadshow will gather a number of excellent investment funds and investors, projects and industry professionals to participate; , Embrace the Era of Innovation "as the theme, with the purpose of exploring the new era and new needs as the purpose, take you to appreciate the colorfulness of the innovation era!

IoT China-Finding the most influential and most valuable IoT project roadshow contest With a professional platform and a large number of excellent projects, each event attracted the attention of hundreds of investment and financing institutions and billions of capital .

The investment institutions mainly invited by this investment road show come from international funds with successful large-scale investment cases. The investment experts are those who have a unique vision of the project. They are good at picking gold from the sand and can provide all their resources to help invest. The rapid growth of the project is the most desired investment partner of the project party.

This investment road show mainly invites projects with innovative characteristics, projects with market prospects, projects with development space, and projects with patent protection to assist in the financing of high-quality projects and obtain the guidance of professionals. Fill in the application form in the invitation letter, and after approval, you will get a customized invitation letter to participate in the project roadshow and round table discussion.

This investment roadshow will be fully covered by the official mainstream media. This investment roadshow will provide opportunities for 6 project roadshows. The number of project roadshows is limited (first come first served), and I look forward to your participation.

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