2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain and Big Computing Application Forum (Shenzhen)

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Asia Pacific Blockchain and Big Computing Application Forum

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13: 30-17: 30, September 6, 2019


Conference Hall, Hall 4, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


APCA (Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance) will join hands with the Hong Kong Blockchain Association and the Big Computing Planet Alliance on the afternoon of Friday, September 6, 2019 (Friday) in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 4 Hall "2019 Asia-Pacific Blockchain and Big Computing Application Forum (Shenzhen) ", sincerely invite you to participate.

In 2019, blockchain technology will be a step closer in the exploration and practice of landing applications. In the long run, the direction seems clearer. But like all changes, the process will not go straight. The blockchain industry in 2019 focuses on two observations. One is whether the application of blockchain technology has moved from the experiment to the market; the second is whether the blockchain data is real and not "whitewashed".

The core value of the blockchain is to build trust, which will completely change the way the entire human society transmits value (individuals and individuals, individuals and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises), and create a reliable value Internet. Blockchain can empower many industries and industries. Combining blockchain with big data and the Internet to form a digital economy, change the business model of enterprises, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises is very important.

Earth, once a stone planet, once a hunting planet, today is a farming planet, energy planet, power planet and information planet. Today, with the explosion of information, the earth will evolve into a computing planet. All the big data that provides information services need to be calculated to generate positioning targets and enhance value. We will see that in the current era of the Internet, there are Internet businessmen. In the era of big computing, we will see the birth of businessmen. Big computing will be a brand-new concept, brand-new business model and brand-new technology operation appear in front of us. In the past, relying on humans to realize the production process will become completely operated by machines. In the business world of big computing, blockchain technology will give strong support.

As an outlet for rapid development today, big computing has begun to attract some innovative companies, technical teams and investment institutions to participate. Big computing will bring cost-effective operation, and the creation of intelligent applications has also changed the company's business model and become The content of the project that the company focuses on researching and discussing.

Further promote the innovative application and development of blockchain technology and big computing, let the blockchain digital economy serve more enterprises, and further promote the industrialization of blockchain technology and big computing technology, APCA (Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance) Together with the Hong Kong Blockchain Association and the Big Computing Planet Alliance, blockchain and big data experts from Silicon Valley, Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan and Shenzhen, as well as manufacturers of excellent technologies, products and solutions will participate in this forum. Build a platform for the forum to communicate with participants on innovative applications and development trends, and help companies gain opportunities to participate in innovative blockchain projects in the world. At the same time, it reveals the mode of blockchain + application and the way of investment of innovative projects for the participants.

In this forum, APCA will bring the latest blockchain and big computing investment and cooperation projects (blockchain wine warehouse management platform, Tesla founder electric truck, American artificial intelligence scalpel robot, Projects such as the Big Computing Planet Alliance, Silicon Valley artificial intelligence business management robots and China Chain Valley.

The Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance has successfully held more than 100 international forums in Silicon Valley, New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Baotou, Huizhou, Chengdu and other cities, providing an international project and investment exchange for participants platform.

APCA Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance Forum held in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2018:


2018-9 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 2018-9 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


2018-4 Shenzhen Greater China 2018-4 Shenzhen Greater China


2018-9 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 2018-3 Hong Kong Cyberport Blockchain.pngBelt and Road.png


2019 Shenzhen Greater China Hotel Conference Hall 2019 Shenzhen Greater China Hotel Conference Hall

This forum intends to invite guests to include representatives of well-known investment institutions, listed companies, Hong Kong companies, Canadian companies, Silicon Valley companies and innovative companies.

When the digital economy of blockchain comes, are you still hesitating and watching?

When big computing becomes a new enterprise business method, are you helpless?

The future is here, are you here?

There is no doubt that 2019 will open the first half of the blockchain, whether investors, entrepreneurs, or individuals must make good judgments and preparations.

We sincerely invite you to participate in the "2019 Asia-Pacific Blockchain and Big Computing Application Application Forum"!

Invite participants: experts, scholars, joint sponsors, industry associations, government officials, and enterprise representatives!

Forum Agenda

Time Time Content Subject

14: 00-14: 30 Receive guest card, visit the exhibition area (CLOUD and IDC exhibitors)

14: 30-13: 50 Conference sign-in / promotion video playback

14: 50-15: 00 Host opening, guest introduction

15: 00-16: 50 Keynote speech (1-5)

16: 50-17: 10 Dialogue

17: 10-17: 20 2019 APCA AWARD project introduction and awards (recognition projects, enterprises and individuals)

17: 20-17: 30 Draw, take a group photo, the forum ends

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