2019 APCA Annual Innovation Awards (Shenzhen)

2019 APCA Annual Innovation Awards

Asia Pacific Cloud Innovation Application Award



Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance


September 04, 2019 (Wednesday) afternoon


Conference Hall, Hall 4, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

On September 04, 2019, the APCA Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance will hold the "2019 APCA AWARD" annual awards event in the conference hall of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to commend special contributions in the field of innovative applications in the cloud, intelligent product development and data applications, and achieve industrial innovation Companies and leaders. Innovative enterprises are welcome to participate in the grand event.

A. Purpose

To honor individuals and enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to innovative applications and commercial promotion in the cloud, the APCA Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance will hold the "2019" at the Shenzhen China Convention and Exhibition Center during the "2019 China International Optoelectronic Expo" on September 7, 2018. APCA AWARD ".

The "2019 APCA AWARD" series of events co-sponsored by the APCA Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance is the current event (the first is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, the second is held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and the third is held at the Langham Place, Guangzhou Held, the fourth session will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the fifth session will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center). APCA Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance will uphold the spirit of "discover cloud applications, learn cloud applications, encourage cloud applications, innovate cloud applications, promote cloud applications and invest in cloud applications", gather experts, entrepreneurs and business promotion enterprises of cloud innovation applications. Let cloud applications improve our work and quality of life, and at the same time, provide convenient and ubiquitous cloud + innovation services.

To this end, this "2019 APCA AWARD" will invite Asia-Pacific cloud + application and blockchain + artificial intelligence projects, technologies, products, services and e-commerce companies to participate. Its purpose is to: through the discovery of some outstanding cloud application characters, technologies and products, show their success stories, find enterprises with successful experience in cloud product trade promotion, build a bridge to the global market for applications and markets The resources are fully integrated, win-win and develop together.

"2019 APCA AWARD" will invite all cloud + service and data application eco-chain developers, teams and enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region to sign up, invite cloud product trading companies to participate, and provide them with a value platform for brand creation and promotion and display.

B. APCA awards

This year's "2019 APCA AWARD" has five categories of awards. They are:

1. The Most Investment Value Award

2. Best Innovation Product Award

3. Customer Satisfaction Brand Award

4. Contribution award for leading figures

5. Customer Satisfaction Service Award

C. Selection method

APCA will open online registration service and selection service:

APCA Http://www.apcao.org

APCA will form an expert jury service:

APCA invites experts from the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and China Mainland to use cloud + and blockchain + innovative applications of artificial intelligence to form a jury to be responsible for the judging of all awards this year.

D. How to participate

Fill in the "2019 APCA AWARD" application form and send it to info@apcao.org

1. Self-recommendation

2. Recommended by others

3. Institutional recommendation

All awards are supported by the submitted application form and corresponding voting data, which are generated through expert panel review and voting. Each award is shortlisted for 10 companies, and the final number of award-winning companies is no more than 5.

E. Recommended requirements

"2019 APCA AWARD" is an open platform for the international promotion of cloud innovation applications. The selection project activities will be open to a wider range of cloud computing innovation companies and cloud product trading companies. All enterprise CEOs, technology developers, project implementation teams, service providers, product providers and all enterprise providers who provide technology, services and products in the fields of cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data and blockchain and artificial intelligence Cloud application companies are here to show up and share. As long as you have the technology, services and products of innovative cloud applications, whether you are an individual, a team or an enterprise, you can sign up.

F. Participation process

The participation time is divided into three stages (May 01-August 15, 2019):

The first stage: recommendation period (May 01-August 10, 2019)

The second stage: review period (August 10th-August 15th, 2019)

G. Awards review

Awards at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in August 2013-"2013 APCA AWARD"

Awards in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in September 2014-"2014 APCA AWARD"

Awarding event at the Guangzhou Smart City Conference in December 2015-"2015 APCA AWARD"

September 2016 Awards in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center-"2016 APCA AWARD"

September 2017 Awards in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center-"2017 APCA AWARD"

September 2018 Awards in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center-"2018 APCA AWARD"

8. Development opportunities

The winning companies selected by "2019 APCA AWARD" have the opportunity to obtain the following development opportunities:

1. Accurately display promotional products on-site to global participants;

2. Access to international professional VC investment opportunities recommended by APCA;

3. Become an APCA Global Bay Area enterprise project matching service opportunity;

4. Became the cloud application service and product promoted by APCA;

5. Obtained APCA recommendation for listing on the international capital market;

6. Obtained the blockchain and international patent planning service recommended by APCA.

H. promotion methods

The winning companies selected by "2019 APCA AWARD" will receive the following awards:

1. Obtain publicity and promotion on APCA official website (global promotion)

2. Invitation to participate in APCA Global International Forum (Asia Pacific)

3. Invite to participate in APCA Global International Exhibition (Asia Pacific)

4. Priority to obtain the itinerary of participating in the APCA project (global scope)

5. Give priority to participating in the Asia-Pacific Innovation Project Investment Roadshow (Asia-Pacific region)

Concurrent activities:

"2019 Asia-Pacific Cloud and Data Application Expo", "2019 China International Optoelectronic Expo" (September 05-08, 2019)

welcome to join! Welcome to cooperate! Welcome to join!

For more information or to participate in the 2019 APCA AWARD, please contact the organizing committee:

APCA TEAM: info@apcao.org


Rose Hu: rose@apcao.org (Event Director)

Michael Wong: michael@apcao.org (Hong Kong)

AL Kwok: alkwok@apcao.org (Silicon Valley)

Bill Peng: bill@apcao.org (Japan)

Miss Zhong: shaomei@apcao.org (Shenzhen)

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