2019 Asia-Pacific Blockchain Enabling Application Forum was successfully held in  Shenzhen

2019 Asia-Pacific Blockchain Enabling Application Forum was successfully held in Hall 2 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

On December 20, 2019, the "Asia-Pacific Blockchain Enabling Application Forum" kicked off at the Shenzhen International Internet of Things and Smart Future Exhibition in Hall 2 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The forum focused on the "trend of blockchain empowerment", " The three themes of “Blockchain Empowerment Case Analysis” and “Blockchain Empowerment Solution” carried out in-depth exchanges, discussions and prospects. Representatives from academia, finance, business, and industry at home and abroad gathered together to explain, discuss, interpret, and share the trends and benefits of blockchain to empower the real economy, project cooperation, application innovation, model innovation, and blockchain bring Profound changes.

The summit was hosted by the Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance (APCA) and UBM Creative Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and was jointly sponsored by Bay Area Development, China Chain Valley, Chain Business Research Institute, and the Big Computing Planet Alliance, and was awarded by the Silicon Valley Semiconductor Association, Global The Bay Area Project Promotion Alliance, Asia-Pacific BC / AI Application Research Institute, Silicon Valley Venture Capital, Guangdong Province Blockchain Industry Alliance, Hong Kong Belt and Road Blockchain Association, Shenzhen Smart Wearable Industry Association, with strong support, commissioned Tengfan Investment to undertake.

At the Asia Pacific Blockchain Empowerment Application Forum, experts and investors from the blockchain empowerment were invited to discuss the application and development of blockchain empowerment. The forum was chaired by Huang Wenguang, deputy secretary-general of the Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance, and the theme of the speech of MR. Lin Ming, the founding promoter of the Chain Business Research Institute, is: Blockchain Empowering Business; APCA / China Chain Valley Executive Director MR. Shang Song ’s speech The theme is: Invent patents from the Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute, reveal DC / EP (Central Bank Digital Currency) in advance; ANT.QUE Thai Buddhist brand ecological chain technology partner MR. Shu Wang's speech theme is: ANTEQUE Thai Buddhist brand ecological chain; Hong Kong MR. Huang Jianmin, the executive chairman of the Blockchain Association of the way, the theme of the speech is: Malaysian blockchain empowerment application; MR. Xu Junyang, the founding promoter of the Big Computing Planet Alliance, the theme of the speech is: how the blockchain can empower the music digital economy.

During the forum, APCA Asia-Pacific Cloud Application Alliance initiated the establishment of "Chain Merchant Research Institute", which is dedicated to professional blockchain teams such as education and training of blockchain empowerment, incubation of enabling projects, investment in enabling projects, and landing of enabling projects. Service work to help entity companies quickly understand the benefits of blockchain empowerment and solve all problems in the implementation of empowerment. At the forum site, many listeners actively asked how to join the Chain Merchant Institute and how to sign up for the Chain Merchant Institute ’s blockchain empowerment training class. It is reported that the Institute of Chain Merchants will first provide services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in 2020, and then radiate to major cities in the Mainland, introduce international blockchain innovative application methods and solutions, and become a good assistant for blockchain empowerment of physical enterprises Reconciliation. We look forward to the Chain Merchants Research Institute becoming a strong pillar of our real economy. In 2020, Chain Merchants Institute and the real economy will develop together.

Article Source: APCA

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